Patrick Girondi

He has received honors and awards including

Giffoni Film Festival

Award from Giffoni Film Festival for his music video, It's your time

Featured in an Award Winning Italian film

Girondi's music has been featured in the Award-winning italian film Focaccia Blues

International Indie Artist of the Year

International Indie Artist of the Year Award for Orphan's Journey was voted by the Indie Music Writer's Association 

Induction into the Accademia di Sicilia

Induction into the Accademia di Sicilia, Palermo, recognized for artistic and scientific contributions to humanity

Video of the Year

Award for Video of the Year, Italy for his song, Living without you

One of L.A.'s 100 Most Fascinating People

All of Girondi's efforts go towards leading the path for a safe and accessible cure for Sickle Cell Disease and Thalassemia


New City


Danny is a Polack with a heart of gold. He grew up in New City, home of what was once the world’s largest slaughterhouse, the Chicago Stockyards.

After Danny’s wife’s infidelity, he stepped out of what the US calls the “white man's” world. Standing over six feet tall, with a chiseled body, he can fix anything from leaky pipes to broken hearts.

New City becomes the target of gentrification. Danny owes over $100,000 in taxes and fines on his house worth no more than $10,000. He knows it’s just a matter of time before he’s living on the streets or worse, in one of the city’s shelters. He and his next door neighbors decide to move to Greencastle, Indiana.

Mountain, a simple-minded man, becomes Danny’s boarder. At seven, Mountain could squash two walnuts in one hand. He shares Danny’s dream. They scrap metal, pick up bottles, and do odd jobs to gather the $13,000 dollars needed to purchase their country paradise.

Lippatu, the eight-year old daughter of Danny’s neighbor Napoleon, is afflicted with Sickle Cell Disease. Her sage-like strength and wisdom provides an odd balance to the chaos of their lives.

Unfortunately, an ambitious, badgering, City Revenue Agent, Burman, discovers the hidden Greencastle funds. He ends up dead and with Mountain’s freedom at stake, Danny must decide if he will make the ultimate sacrifice.

Flight of the Rondone


Flight of the Rondone is a true rags to riches tale the New York Times stated is “meant for television.” The protagonist, a high school dropout, is nicknamed in Italian U Carneveil (Walking Circus) for his entertaining and eccentric nature. Patrick Girondi starts his career shining shoes, stealing car parts, and escaping life-threatening situations while outwitting the Chicago police. He claws up to being a famous success story on the Oprah Show. His fortunes quickly change when his eldest son, Santino, is diagnosed with a fatal blood disease. Girondi hunts for a cure in a drama that has boundless implications in the world of gene therapy. As Girondi writes, “I’d been strangled, shot at, skated more than twenty arrests, made it through 3 FBI witch-hunts and went from the docks to trading and big money. I would see my son cured. How hard could it be?” After decades of struggle, he delivered the world’s first commercial batch of vector with the potential to cure Sickle Cell Disease and Thalassemia. But again, the success of the cure—and the fate of his son—is imperiled, in a world of lab jackets, mysterious deaths, and cut-throat Wall Street banksters.

This is a story of love, beating the odds, or as Girondi calls it, pure luck. It is a gritty and realistic tale told with little regard for empire or etiquette.

Featured Media

New City Book Trailer

Music Press

“As you ride the bluesy waves of the music, Girondi’s vocals slide into your ears. With murmurs and calling out, he draws you into the story of someone suffering from an orphan disease. There is a wonderful storytelling vibe to the lyrics that paint a clear picture that is so easy to connect with.” —The Other Side Reviews
Photography by: Antonio Sansone


Check out some of Patrick’s writings – from novels, to quips and phrases.
Earrings on a pig

Giving money to an ignoramus is like putting earrings on a pig. The ignoramus understands the value of money about as much as the pig knows about earrings and in time the money will make the ignoramus look as ridiculous as
the earrings made the pig appear.

Isn’t money to be used for necessities and to help others in need?


When two souls meet and are one distance and time are non consequential. When my soul is that of Napoleon or yours what can separate them? Aren’t they really the same.

Bird in the hand

A bird in the hand is better than 2 in the bush and two bushes are better than 1 any day.


We are part of a fantastic thing which I don’t pretend to understand. This does not deny religion or the existence of God, but in fact is affirmation of a magical whole, of which we all, no matter how great, famous or indifferent, play part in its majesty.