Chicago Sun-Times: Author Finds Solace (1986)
March 28, 2021

You won’t find this story inn Patrick Finley’s new book, Diamond in the Rough, the novel based on his own financially strapped childhood.

After lecturing a Water Tower Place salesman that a $25 pair of sunglasses were “worth only $4,” Finley drove to Loeber Motors last Saturday and did what any typical up-by-the-bootstraps Chicagoan would do.

“I needed to make myself happy,” Finley said. “So I bought a Rolls-Royce.”

For $52,000.

Finley, 28, is the multimillionaire president of Bridgeport Securities Group and owns several seats on Chicago’s exchanges.

He lost his bid for Cook County clerk in the March Democratic primary, but he plans to drive his new Silver Shadow to an autograph party for his book this Saturday.

We guess living well is the best revenge.

“Author finds solace in new Rolls-Royce.” Chicago Sun-Times, May 29, 1986: 10. NewsBank:
America’s News.
Copyright 1986, 1996 Chicago Sun-Times, Inc.

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