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    A story of an Iraqi war veteran living incognito on the streets of New York
    Chivalry takes place in New York City, where an aspiring author stumbles onto a manuscript. It became a bestseller. He must now find the true author, a peculiar war vet of Iraq who lives as an unnamed homeless person. 
    Isa, a Gulf War sergeant, silenced a snitch to save his platoon from a murder rap. He now lives namelessly on the streets of New York, shielded by police, formerly of his old platoon. His orders are clear: “If the authorities get close, take me out.” For now, in limbo, Isa writes books. He spots his daughter, who has no idea who he is, on the bus. Full of emotion, he accidentally forgets a manuscript. 
    Bob Herman finds a woman who plagues his dreams and a manuscript he can’t put down on a bus ride home. His boss scans the composition, shocked that Herman had it in him. With the might of an overnight literary superstar, it is now time to capture the woman of his dreams. 
    Herman wins Isa’s daughter. To keep her, he needs another best seller and sets off to find the true author. Eventually, they all find each other in what becomes a reunion of high emotion and peril. 


    #19 in City Life Fiction (Books)

    #29 in City Life Fiction (Kindle Store)

    #318 in Literary Fiction (Kindle Store)


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