Blind Faith

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    Blind Faith


    Greed and desperation drives brother to challenge sister’s competency. Believers line up against non-believers in the circuit court in Chicago to decide for once and for all; if there is a God. 

    Aaron needed Trish’s inheritance. As a blue blood, he knew well, the damage created when important resources were not held by the cream of society. Trish, his sister, taught developmentally disabled kids. When her boyfriend, Hat, died in a car accident, she reverted into her hermit-like old self. Aaron met Hat once, and suspected he may have been one of Trish’s pupils. Who better to assist Aaron than Sebastian Sherwin, a famously unscrupulous, atheist attorney? And what the hell kind of name is Hat anyway? 

    Judge Cohen was up for re-election. There was zero public appeal gained by declaring a young woman incompetent. Unfortunately for him, the story was picked up by a blog and gained national attention. Overnight, his courtroom turned into an unruly zoo with believers on one side and non-believers on the other. It got so, he had to sneak into his own chambers and wear a disguise to eat lunch. How could he be re-elected by strangers when his own wife and grandkids accused him of not adequately defending the young woman or his faith? 

    During the court hearing, Joe Pitasi, “wise-guy” friend of Hat explains, “Daughter Trish is coo-coo and loving brudder’s trying to lock her up and take her cake.” 

    When Aaron is questioned in court about his sister’s competency in finance, he replies, “Sir, my sister wouldn’t know Dow Jones from Tom Jones.”



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