New City

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    New City



    Recorded in Brooklyn, NY at Suite Tea Studio

    Danny is a Polack with a heart of gold. He grew up in New City, home of what was once the world’s largest slaughterhouse, the Chicago Stockyards.

    After Danny’s wife’s infidelity, he stepped out of what the US calls the “white man’s” world. Standing over six feet tall, with a chiseled body, he can fix anything from leaky pipes to broken hearts.

    New City becomes the target of gentrification. Danny owes over $100,000 in taxes and fines on his house worth no more than $10,000. He knows it’s just a matter of time before he’s living on the streets or worse, in one of the city’s shelters. He and his next door neighbors decide to move to Greencastle, Indiana.

    Mountain, a simple-minded man, becomes Danny’s boarder. At seven, Mountain could squash two walnuts in one hand. He shares Danny’s dream. They scrap metal, pick up bottles, and do odd jobs to gather the $13,000 dollars needed to purchase their country paradise.

    Lippatu, the eight-year old daughter of Danny’s neighbor Napoleon, is afflicted with Sickle Cell Disease. Her sage-like strength and wisdom provides an odd balance to the chaos of their lives.

    Unfortunately, an ambitious, badgering, City Revenue Agent, Burman, discovers the hidden Greencastle funds. He ends up dead and with Mountain’s freedom at stake, Danny must decide if he will make the ultimate sacrifice.

    Amazon Bestseller in Multiple Categories:

    #1 in History of Mid-Atlantic U.S.

    #1 in History of Midwestern U.S.

    #2 in State & Local History of the U.S.

    #9 in City Life Fiction

    #13 in History of the U.S.

    #48 in History


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