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Patrick Girondi, Esteemed Gene Therapy Pioneer/Indy Music Artist, Examines the Costs of Medicine & the Debate Over Money

January 05, 2023 –Many in the pharmaceutical industry would publicly state that we should make gene therapy and other medicines more accessible to patients. 

Patrick Girondi, Acclaimed Gene Therapy Pioneer/Indy Music Artist, Chosen one of L.A.'s 100 Most Fascinating People 2022

December 8, 2022 – LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, Patrick Girondi, – “100 MOST FASCINATING PEOPLE IN LOS ANGELES – 2022”, according to Aurora DeRose, award coordinator for the Best of Los Angeles Award community…

EINPresswire: Patrick Girondi, Acclaimed Gene Therapy Pioneer/Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author, Releases 2nd Book in 7 Months

November 23, 2022 - Patrick Girondi, "Wall Street Journal" Best Selling Author’s new book titled “New City – A Story about Race Baiting and Hope on the South Side of Chicago” will be released in February 2023 by Skyhorse Publishing and distributed by Simon & Schuster.

EINPresswire: Bluebird Bio’s $2.8 Million Gene Therapy: Criminals in Healthcare

September 6, 2022 – The 1983 Orphan Drug Act revolutionized drug policy. Government incentives helped stimulate the approval of over 600 products for rare diseases; however, with sky-high prices, the diseases are still orphans.

Patrick Girondi’s Flight of the Rondone Just Released as Audiobook

August 11, 2022 – Patrick Girondi’s audiobook Flight of the Rondone, a #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller, has just been released featuring the author’s own voice reading and his original music at the start of each chapter.

Review of Flight of the Rondone (onlinebookclub.com)

August 5, 2022 – Flight of the Rondone: High School Dropout VS Big Pharma: The Fight to Save My Son’s Life by Patrick Girondi is a non-fiction novel about the life of a street kid and school dropout who soared to great heights in the fight for his son’s life. As a child, Patrick was close to his merry grandfather, Santino.

Patrick Girondi’s, Lauded Gene Therapy Pioneer, Book 'Flight of the Rondone' Tops #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller List

July 21, 2022 –  Patrick Girondi’s book Flight of the Rondone was featured as a #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller List the first week of July 2022 in addition to reaching #1 on three Amazon bestseller lists; #1 on Barnes and Noble; and top 100 on USA Today.

Megan Euker, Acclaimed Project Manager, Wins Coveted Award SAN ROCCO THERAPEUTICS (SRT) Announces

July 15, 2022 – Megan Euker, acclaimed Project Manager, receives Fulbright U.S. Scholar Award to Sicily for Work with SRTs’ Gene Therapy Development for Sickle Cell Disease and Beta Thalassemia. Fulbright alumni include 60 Nobel Prize laureates, 88 Pulitzer Prize recipients, and 39 who have served as a head of state or government.

Joy on Paper: Interview with Patrick Girondi

July 11, 2022 – This is one of the most amazing stories I have ever read. This is a book YOU should read because you never know what the future will bring.

Bloom TV (News Channel 8) Tampa interview with Gayle Guyardo

June 9, 2022 – Flight of the Rondone is a true rags to riches tale the New York Times stated is “meant for television.” The protagonist, a high school dropout, is nicknamed in Italian U Carneveil (Walking Circus) for his entertaining and eccentric nature.

Third Coast Review: Flight of the Rondone: High School Dropout vs. Big Pharma: The Fight to Save My Son’s Life, by Patrick Girondi

June 5, 2022 – Flight of the Rondone: High School Dropout vs. Big Pharma: The Fight To Save MySon’s Life (the memoir so meandering they named it thrice), by Patrick Girondi, …

The IMSS Hosts Author Patrick Girondi for a Book Release Reading and Signing of FLIGHT OF THE RONDONE

June 1, 2022 – The International Museum of Surgical Science (IMSS), a division of the International College of Surgeons in Chicago, is pleased to announce an author program with Patrick Girondi …

Authority Magazine: Author Patrick Girondi On Becoming Free From The Fear Of Failure

April 29, 2022 – Be tolerant of others. The most deplorable person has some goodness. When I was a kid, I robbed stuff from stores, bikes and eventually graduated to larger things. But I could never rob someone whom I perceived as being poor and often gave away much of my ill-gotten fruits by giving them to people who I thought were in need…

Altamura Live: The book by the altamurano Patrick Girondi, New York Times: "A story destined for television"

February 7, 2022 – Flight of the Rondone, a story by Patrick Girondi that talks about the difficulties and the love of a father towards his son. The New York Times reading the story called it “Destined for television” for the intensity, for the suffering and for the desire to react and find a solution, up to the final success.

Chicago Back of the Yards Journal Weekly: New Pat Finley Book Tells of Hard Life in Bridgeport

July 9, 1986 – Diamond in the Rough (published by Bari Press and distributed by Chicago Review Press, $14.95 hardcover) is a new novel written by 28-year-old Chicago millionaire Patrick M. Finley…

Chicago Sun-Times: Author Finds Solace in New Rolls-Royce

May 29, 1986 – You won’t find this story in Patrick Finley’s new book, Diamond in the Rough, the novel based on his own financially strapped childhood. After lecturing a Water Tower Place salesman that a $25 pair of sunglasses were “worth only $4,” Finley drove to Loeber Motors last Saturday and…